Training center to undergo USD 42m expansion


The Ethiopian Airlines revealed that USD 42 million is being invested to build modern classrooms, cabin mock-ups, an amphitheatre and cafeteria as part of an expansion program at its Aviation Academy (EAA). Ethiopian said construction of the new buildings are underway and will be fully operational in a year or two.

The Aviation Academy plans to educate a thousand aviation professionals per year in the basic training schools. They plan to increase this number to 4,000 in the next 12 years.  Ethiopian hopes that by 2025 about one-third of these students will come from third party (external) customers. The number of recurrent trainees will also triple and grow to 18,400 per annum.

The Aviation Academy currently possess over 30 classrooms, various general and special-purpose workshops, mock-up training aircraft, engines, 10 single engine DA40s and 2 DA42  glass-cockpit pilot training aircraft, two DA40/42 aircraft training simulators, labs, a library, computer based training centers, and other facilities.

They have also dormitories that can accommodate over 500 boarding trainees. The academy core staff size stands at 175 a majority of which are instructors.

The aviation training academy is to be built with the vision to be a center of excellence in aviation trainings in the region. In addition to the current aviation trainings Ethiopian offers, the Aviation Academy is in the preparation stage of integrating trainings for civil aviation authority and airport enterprise personnel.

Through increasing its capacity and offering diversified trainings, EAA is expected to generate annual revenue and operating profit of USD 111 million and USD 32 million, respectively as one of the seven business units of Ethiopian.

Once the expansion on the EAA is finished it’s expected to use services and trainings to reach its targets. The trainings will be conducted on site, online or in the community. Ethiopian claims that no school other than EAA can claim that it has a comparable comprehensive training program covering the scope of cabin attendants, pilots, aircraft technicians, marketing, ground personnel and leadership.

The Aviation Training school is one of the oldest and most experienced training centers on the continent with five decades of operation.

Cabin Crew, Technology, pilot training, Aviation Maintenance, Leadership and Marketing courses were established over the period from 1957 to 1981.

The training center was restructured into the Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA) in 2007 integrating the different schools into one Academy.

So far over 8,000 aviation professionals have passed through the EAA and over 31,000 personnel have been trained in leadership and career development courses.

EAA has also produced hundreds of aviation professionals for over 40 countries largely in Africa and the Middle East.

In related news, Ethiopian Airlines announced that the number of international flight passengers will grow to 5.3 million in 2005 E.C. budget year from 4.7 million in 2004 E.C. budget year. Ethiopian also revealed that it will add new international routes in 2005 E.C. budget year and undertake activities enabling it to work in partnership with seven airlines.

New domestic flight services will also be launched in areas with airports, which have the necessary infrastructure development.  In addition, efforts will be exerted to improve services and introduce Ethiopian traditional cuisine to passengers it said.