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The two week high level football coaching course came to an end on Friday with more than 32 former footballers turn into full-fledged coaches ready for a new adventure in Ethiopian football.

Under the Ghanaian instructor’s supervision the high level intensive coaching training took place at the resort town of Bahirdar bringing together more than 30 coaches already with two years of practice under “C” license. CAF’s instructor Abraham Mebratu is the star personality with all the knowledge, Ethiopian national women’s team head coach Abraham T/Haimanot and, based in South Africa, Anteneh Eshete were the instructors. Former Ethiopian national team players Fasil Tekalegn currently Saints assistant coach, Ermias Teferi currently with Electric junior side, Hassen Basher currently Methara head coach are among notable participants of the two week training that bestowed them with a “B” license certificate which entitles them to take coaching spots for premier league sides.

The majority of the participants that appreciate EFF for organizing the “B” license course gave “Big Hands” to instructor Abraham Mebratu and said they are very proud of him being their own. “He comes well prepared and ready to assist” one of the trainees commented. “When EFF vice president Ato Teka arrives there I felt so happy and told my friends here is the man. But his reply to our demand took me by surprise and I asked myself is it not FIFA/CAF that gives 250,000 USD every year for such events,” A participant told Capital Sport. “Is it not FIFA’s motto to popularize football and produce good coaches?” Does that mean with money from the coaches own pocket?