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Stadium attendance at its lowest ever, fixtures postponed not less than five times, stadium discipline at its worst, referring always in question, the season’s knock-out championship postponed to next year and the season’s best player award on hold until the 2012 league season ends colorless many the sport fans has nothing to remember  except two events. Lucy booking a place in African women’s championship cup final and Walia making big progress towards a dream cup final place in Nations cup final.

Defending champion Ethiopian Coffee, in poor form from the start of the season, the usual rivalry atmosphere was absent from the stadium and attendance nose dived. Electric and Dedebit FC were the only sides that gave some taste for the season although both could not fill the shoes abandoned by Coffee. Saint George declared its record tenth championship title with four matches in hand   and Air Force relegated in mid second round was by all means short of any turns and twists thus a dull season considering club fixtures. The ten sides’ national league championship from which Insurance and Water Works were promoted to the upper tier had more to remember than the premier league.

However, Ethiopian national teams Lucy and Walia made astonishing progress with the women’s side already booking a place in the nation’s cup final for the third time while the men’s side just a two leg home and away match away from cup final place for the first time in 31 years. It is time for the new generation to make history in African nation’s cup final with the remaining match against neighboring Sudan with decisive return leg match here in Addis Ababa. Lucy’s 1-0 away victory over Tanzania is the women’s football’s season best event while Back from 1-0 victory over Benin is the men’s national team’s big achievement of the season.