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Two childhood best friends who live in a rural area of Ethiopia win a million birr lottery. This is where the story begins for the film ‘Balageru’ written and directed by Hermon Hailai. The film follows the two men on their adventure to the big glamorous city that is Addis Ababa. They reach the big city they have always dreamed of seeing but they are confronted by an inconvenient truth.

They imagined everyone would be rich and friendly but the opposite was true. People treated them like beggars because of the way they dressed and talked. Disappointed by what they experience they go to a small bar to relax. But their plan to have a good time turns for the worst when one of them gets in to a fight and is taken to jail by the police. Because of this incident the two friends are separated and forced to face hunger, lack of  job and shelter.

The film also shows the generosity and love of unexpected people.

In the end we see what happens when the fantasy of life in a better place is shattered with the reality. The film genre is comedy drama. The camera editing and sound appear professionally done.

The main actors who worked on the film like Tariku Berhanu, Kassahun Feseha and Lemlem Asegedew all gave realistic performances that made this writer laugh and cry. The film is produced by Asaph Pictures and Sabisa Film Production and is currently showing at Sebastopol, Alem and Yoftahe cinema.