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Ethiopia calls in its diplomats

Ethiopian diplomats abroad will come home for an annual performance evaluation Capital learnt. Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin from Beijing; former minister of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Girma Biru from Washington D.C; ex-minister of trade and industry, Amb. Kassu Ilala (Dr.) from Brussels, former minister of construction and urban development, Amb. Genet Zewdie from New Delhi; former minister of education, Amb. Mohammed Dirir from Cairo, former minister of culture and tourism and others are expected to convene in Addis Ababa after a week. 
As opposed to last year’s training, the evaluation is expected to consume two weeks according to sources.
Capital sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), say that the diplomats are called in to discuss the implementation of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) over the past two years, the foreign missions’ public bond sale, the diplomatic priorities of the country for the new Ethiopian year ahead (September) and issues related to Ethiopian Diaspora. 
Just a year ago, MoFA summoned Ethiopia’s diplomats abroad for training. The training that lasted for a month focused on broadening the knowledge base of the diplomats in areas of international affairs, trade, investment and tourism.
“The difference [in this training] is that it is multi-dimensional. The courses are given both by foreign and national experts in the field,” Dina Mufti, spokesperson for the ministry of foreign affairs had said back then.
Last year’s customized training has been initiated because the government has recognized the importance of sharpening leadership skills of senior government officials in the area of economic diplomacy so that they can better engage and apply themselves in the emerging and competitive global economic order, according to the ministry.
Ethiopia has over 65 envoys across the globe. Since Ethiopia is the seat of African Union, Ethiopian diplomats are expected to do more internationally in a bid to build the image of the country but that of the continent’s as well.