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concert on
New Year’s Eve

Teddy Afro plans to make the coming New Year celebration special by performing after the release of his most recent album. The concert that will be taking place at Ghion Hotel on September 10, 2012 is expected to attract more than 15,000 fans. Once again Adika promises a show stopper with the highly anticipated performance. The concert is expected to be followed by performances in other regional towns. This is Teddy Afro’s first concert in Addis Ababa since the release of the Tikur Sew album in April. The album has been very successful with over 6.2 million birr worth of records sold in its first week of release and the songs were widely accepted by the public.
Teddy not only gets people’s attention with his music but also his personal life. The singer besides being a critic in his songs had been in jail for a year and a half after accused of a hit and run back in 2008 which kept the singer in the spotlight.
Teddy Afro’s musical success has been credited to the powerful messages conveyed through his songs that touch the fabric of the Ethiopian people. He has been compared to many music legends over the world, in part because of his ability to bring a patriotic, spiritual, and rhythmic presence to his listeners.
And now his engagement to Amleset Muchie who is a model and former Miss Ethiopia has caught the attention of fans especially the ladies. Pictures of the pair has been circulating on social Media and they have been the topic of much gossip. No other artist  in the country has managed to captivate fans with his off stage life like Teddy has. 
Tickets for the concert will be up for grabs starting from August 20th 2012 at venues that have not been yet disclosed. The concert is likely to be sold out and is expected to be transmitted live on EBS TV for a few minutes after an agreement with the television station is settled.
The singer had a successful concert in London on August 4th, a show that was organized in relation with the Olympic Games hosted in the city. Adika stated that it will be giving an official press conference along with the singer before the big day. Adika claims that its relations with the singer to work together in future endeavors are still intact.
As a singer associated with the pulse of Ethiopian music, Teddy Afro has four albums to his credit and has performed in concerts with huge audiences around the world. He has been in the music industry for almost 13 years and he doesn’t show any sign of stopping anytime soon.
Tikur Sew has been very successful since its launch last Easter and is the result of a collaborative partnership between Teddy Afro, the promoters of the album, Adika Communications & Events Plc and its exclusive sponsor, Meta Beer. This has been the biggest collaboration ever for an Ethiopian artist with a significant investment from Teddy Afro, the promoters and Meta Beer.