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One of the main features of our modern world system is its incessant push towards more complexity, irrespective of its limited capacity to manage the attendant myriad consequences. The results of the vast combinations/permutation of the simple first-degree complexities that we initially embarked on are and will continue to become absolutely intractable as times goes by. We sincerely believe the whole jumble is way beyond the singular capacity of our species to manage and as a result major dislocations/ruptures are very possible in the not-so-distant future.
To manage the increased complexity of the modern world system, humanity, (wherever it is located) has installed colossal bureaucratic machinery that increasingly becomes unwieldy as the complexity of existence becomes more intricate. This all pervasive global institution, which we prefer to call the ‘breathing machine’, is currently facilitated both by ‘The Man’ and ‘The Machine’ and it remains one of the major obstacles for positive change at the global level.
Through time these installed bureaucracies became blind to the essentials of life, while diligently pursuing frivolous matters. Their operatives or the ‘Careerists’ as Chris Hedges calls them, also ended up losing their common sense. For a bureaucratic functionary good and evil are only manifestations spewed out by the ‘breathing machine’ and are not innate human values. Throughout the ages these obedient drones have been as much responsible for the crimes unleashed on humanity, as those bona fide psychopaths and sociopaths of history. See Hedges’ article next column.
Today the whole global bureaucratization is geared to facilitating what the global psychopaths and sociopaths desire, rather than furthering the interests/rights of the beast-the human mass. For example wars have always been rackets benefiting those with psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies. On the other hand, the beast has always been systematically excluded from debating the merit and demerit of wars on its own, because it was deemed ignorant, even though it is the one that ends up dying on the battlefields. Even today with enough technical capabilities to swiftly conduct a public referendum/plebiscite on the important issue of life and death, the beast is purposely excluded by the power that be from deciding whether it wants to die for a particular cause or not. Pathetic!
An enlightened global beast is a must if we are to avoid the continuous destruction of life in general and human life in particular. This ‘process of enlightenment’ must necessarily include the decontamination of the prevailing mental pollution. This endeavor must be intensified, particularly within the beast that resides inside the womb of empire itself, as we enter the disintegrating phase of the prevailing modern world system. As it stands, it is still the military-industrial complex that shapes the foreign policies of the most powerful nations in the west. Unfortunately, democracy there is systematically thwarted and seems to have no say whatsoever when it comes to challenging lopsided economic life, blatant lies, continuous war mongering and non-stop terroristic and genocidal military activities.
To add insult to injury, the thoroughly manipulated beast in the rich countries can easily be swayed against its own very interest, if the issue is sufficiently spinned and marred with the security of its forage; and on this front, the reigning psychopaths/sociopaths are accomplished spin-doctors without equal. Also, this is where the life-long indoctrination of the system comes in handy. In our world, the instruments of mental enslavement or put euphemistically, the ‘institutions of orientations’; like the institutions of learning, (higher or lower) the paid media, spectators sports, disengaging entertainments, doctrinaire religions, etc play prominent role in preparing the beast for subtle/subliminal subjugation of its inner self. It is because of these doping factories the world continues to produce unthinking beasts all over!
From conning the beast with subprime mortgages, to fixing the LIBOR rate that affects all its borrowings, to misleading the gullible populous about non-existent WMD, (weapons of mass destruction) to the efficient business of drone killings, etc, etc, the beast has been sufficiently numbed and zombified. See the article on page 50. The task of enlightening the global beast about matters that concern its long-term interests must be taken up by those liberated brave souls who are sincerely committed to the welfare of humanity, life in general and the planet. We concur with one of humanity’s profound thinker: “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” Albert Einstein. Good Day!