Jemanesh Seyoum


Name: Jemanesh Seyoum EDUCATION: Diploma in Designing Fabrics   
Company name: Jemi Modern Traditional Cloth Design 
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: 2012
What it does: Design traditional clothes, bags and scarves
HQ: Bole Tele Medhanialem Next to Redwan Bldg
Number of Employees: One

Startup capital: 2,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: I wanted to work in the field of designing
Biggest plus of ownership: It made me more self-sufficient
Biggest strength: My self-confidence
Biggest weakness: Not producing raw materials myself
Smartest Move: Teaching designing
Biggest Worry: We could use a larger space
Favorite task: Designing and managing
Most challenging task: Lack of raw material
Plan: Growing and spreading knowledge about traditional cloth designing
First Career: Teaching
Most admired person: Nobody 
Most interested in meeting: My students
Stress reducer: Going to Church Favorite past time:  Listening to spiritual songs and teaching
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Destination: Monastery Favorite Automobile: Toyota Land Cruiser
Favorite Film: None