2004 EC Year Review


At the end of a year we sit back and say that we will never forget the year, only to soon forget that year. Yet, it’s probably safe to assume that anyone living in Ethiopia during the 2004 E.C. will not forget being here during this particular time in our history. We buried our leader but not our hopes as Ethiopia’s dream of becoming a middle income country appears to be on its way to eventually becoming a tangible reality. At Capital, as we welcome our 15th year of keeping you informed, we’ve gone back through the last 52 issues and highlighted the events that stroked our interest. Our women runners made us proud in London.  International beverage corporations now control virtually all of Ethiopia’s lucrative beer industry. Serious plans began for light rail and modernizing the national rail system while an international highway from Addis to Mombasa Kenya is on the go. Mining and the possibility of oil have the potential to transform the economy. Banks continue to do well as they took steps to transfer from a cash based economy. Teddy Afro’s monster album eclipsed all and Ethiopian film makers demonstrated improved quality as Addis hosted its 6th international film festival. Tourism was an area that entrepreneurs excelled in although a tax issue had to be settled, and our interviewees inspired us all, throughout the year. Here is our annual round up of the most notable events and your rankings of the top 25.

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