Abeba Aregawi wins Diamond Trophy after Zurich


Though many believe world athletics rising star Abeba Aregawi’s come back might take some time the 22 year old 1,500 meter phenomenon will win the Zurich Diamond League meeting to claim the Diamond Trophy in the distance. Would be 3.000 meter steeplechase winner Sofia Assefa was disqualified.

Abeba appears to have learned from her bad experience of being over confident at the London Olympics. Now she is more cautious, ready for all surprises in the meeting where all big names in the distance are taking part. With a good start in midrace no one appears ready to try to and stop Abeba. Instead, at the tail end of the tactical contest she was the picture of calm and cool. She crossed the line in 4:05.29, more than a second clear of second place Kenyan Mercy Cherono in 4:06.42. Abeba collecting 22 points stood a far cry from London bronze medalist Ethiopian-Bahrain Merima Yusuf Jemal, who finished 11th in Zurich. In the drama filled women’s 3,000 meter steeplechase, Sofia Assefa was almost ready to take home another Diamond Trophy but for her mistake rounding the cone from the inside that disqualified her. The disqualification means a medal sweep by Ethiopians stood short. Her compatriots Etenesh Diro and Hiwot Ayalew won the race respectively clocking 9:24.97 and 9:26.99 but the trophy and the prize money went to Kenyan Micah Chemos despite finishing a poor ninth in the event. Chemos takes the honor collecting 12 points.