Accused guard during Ethiopian Red Terror arrested in Denver suburban restaurant


An Ethiopian born resident of the US Kefelegn Alemu Worku accused of being a former guard during the 1970s red terror campaign has been spotted by other Ethiopians exile and subsequently arrested. Kefelegn was identified and arrested in “The Cozy Café,” an Ethiopia hangout, in the Denver city suburb of Aurora, reports the London Daily Mail. It was reported, “Kefelegn was previously known as Tufa when he worked at the notorious Higher 15 detention camp – the site of many executions – according to two former inmates who identified him in a photo line-up.” Kefelegn was arrested and has been charged with unlawfully procuring citizenship or naturalization and aggravated identity theft. He is accused of beatings and torture sessions that included a cattle prod, rifle butts, whips and pipes. He also is being investigated for his role in a detention center known as “Higher 15.”