China grants $23 million in support of Ethiopia’s dev’t


The Chinese Government announced grant and soft loan amounting to USD 23 million US dollar for the development endeavors in Ethiopia.
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister HaileMariam Dessalegn held talks with the Chinese delegation led by Vice Premier Hui Liangyu in Addis Ababa on Monday. On the occasion, Hui Liangyu said China has provided the grant and the soft loan to support development activities in Ethiopia.
According to him, China is keen on intensifying the long standing multi-lateral ties of the two countries.
He said China will strengthen its cooperation with Ethiopia in the spheres of economy, diplomacy and transfer of science and technology.
The Vice PM has expressed deep condolences of Chinese Communist Party over the passing of PM Meles Zenawi.
Deputy Premier HaileMariam for his part praised China for the assistance it provided to Ethiopia.
He said China is strong and genuine partner to Ethiopia in its effort to transform its economy from agriculture-led to Industry-led.
According to him, Ethiopia is committed to intensify its multi-lateral relation with China.
He said leaders will follow the footsteps of PM Meles and strive to materialize his vision.
Meanwhile, Hailemariam also held discussion with the President of Somalia’s Transitional Government, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
On the occasion, Hailemariam reaffirmed Ethiopia’s resolute commitment to ensure durable peace and stability in Somalia and the Horn of Africa in general.
He said the election of Somalia PM and Speaker of the parliament is a good step forward to bring sustainable peace in the country.
President Sheik Sharif for his part requested Ethiopia to extend the usual support to his country.
He told the deputy premier that the upcoming presidential election would be free, transparent and acceptable by the international community.