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A stunning sprint finish in men’s 800 meter Diamond League showdown Ethiopian Mohammed Aman lifts the Diamond Trophy that goes along 40,000 Dollar prize money. AbebaAregawi recovers from London Olympic nightmare to bring home the coveted trophy after astonishing yet comfortable win.
Eighteen year old Mohammed appears in burning soul facing World Record holder David Rudisha in Zurich Diamond meeting. Neverthless when Rudisha took the lead majestically and the crowd was ready to salute his super performance in London last month, bedeviled Mohammed geared up his speed at the final stretch like an express train not only to shock the 26 year old Kenyan but also the flabbergasted crowed crossing the finishing line in 1:42.53. Though with a pace maker Sammy Tangui was on hand to help ashen faced Rudisha but finished second in 1:42.81 his second slowest performance of the year in which he won a straight 26 meetings. Ending Rudisha’s almost one year long winning streak, Mohammed Aman basked with glory to defeat one of London Olympic super hero. Twinkling his eyes in sheer happiness, Mohammed took home the Diamond Trophy along with a USD 40,000 money prize and clean-off the nightmare at London. The crowed at Zurich stood to a standing ovation for the young blood, now a clear favorite to de-crown him soon.