Arba Minch University to launch postgraduate programs


Arba Minch University Acting President Feleke Woldeyes (Dr.) said the university has finalized preparation to launch 11 masters and doctoral postgraduate programs in the Ethiopian Calendar 2005 academic year. The acting president, Feleke told the Ethiopian News Agency that the doctoral degree will be on water resource engineering. According to him, integrated emergency surgery and public health, integrated river basin management, irrigation engineering and integrated agronomy are postgraduate programs to begin soon. He said the university has been undertaking various activities to enroll students in the postgraduate programs. Hence the number of masters programs has increased to 30 from 19 earlier. The acting president said assessment and curriculum preparation are also underway to open fisher aquatic management, renewable energy resources, chemical engineering, electromechanical engineering and drilling. Feleke said the university would enroll 16,000 students in under and postgraduate program in 2005 academic year, of whom 4,000 would be female students.
(The Ethiopian Herald)