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Dr. Eleni Z. Gebre Madhin was recognized by coffee suppliers at the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) for the major role she has played not only in forming the exchange but in stabilizing coffee trading.

The founder and the outgoing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ECX was honored at their yearly celebration held on Saturday September 8 at Hilton hotel.
Abebe Atew, head of the coffee suppliers said that before the formation of ECX the coffee market was encountering problems that harmed traders and farms.
“But now we are working well and experiencing success!” he exclaimed. 
Eleni, who formed the exchange in 2008, is the first CEO. Based on the original plan she and other internationally recruited management staff have been replaced by locally appointed professionals.
In related news, Dr. Eleni has won the 2012Yara Prize. She is scheduled to receive her award in a ceremony that will be held in the end of September in Arusha, Tanzania.
Dr. Eleni has been awarded the prize for showing visionary and remarkable leadership in managing the transformation process toward an efficiently functioning market, especially for smallholder coffee producers in Ethiopia.