EFF knocks out Ethiopian championship


Ethiopian Football Federation cancels the on 2012 Ethiopian knock out championship. Dedebit books CAF Cup place after a majority vote. Despite the cancellation of the event the federation plans two leg showdowns. Knock out cup for free and who may be lucky next season? The question arises among football fans.
In a meeting called at Ghion Hotel to brainstorm ideas among the premier league sides the federation sailed through the not so disturbed water to safely dock home leaving football fans to shock surprise. The biggest shock is the cancellation of the long standing annual tournament that is a ticket to CAF Cup  international fixture. Although opposition rise from two sides mainly from Electric and Commercial Bank that the tournament should resume leaving out national team selectees, the federation decide for a vote after Coffee’s number one Lieutenant Fekade Mamo’s speech of acceptance on behalf of the national side a game away from booking a cup final place after three decades. Seven against two, Dedebit takes the knockout championship honor and take part at the confederation cup. A winners cup showdown also takes place between league champion Saint George and knock out winner Dedebit FC. Electric and Banks demand of why the event dosn’t take place without national teamers for every side has a registered 30 players no one appear to give consideration and the majority ruled the day. The question to have the chance to participate in CECAFA club cup likely Ethiopia the host present by Electric but to no avail for the federation president Ato Sahlu replayed it is to be seen in due times. When the question arises how the cup winners president replayed because the federation needs to collect money from the two leg events. Although it is hard to understand the bizarre situation, EFF gets away without a scratch and promised the participants the executive body is ready to perform better in the new season.