Love and adventure combined give a capturing storyline in the new film “Evangadi” that premiered on Sunday September 16, 2012. The film that is made by Miso Negaya Production is written and produced by Saron Teferi and directed by Temesgen Alemayhu and revolves around the story of a woman who is a historian that receives a scholarship to go to America to study in a well-known educational institute.

A month before she leaves, she decides to take a vacation to Hamer where she meets a young man she later falls in love with. The story explains how love is mightier than all things and how it prevails.
The film has actors such as Zenabezu Tegaye, Helina Getachew, Emenet Belachew and Fanta Sentayhu participating.
“Evangadi” took eight months and 600,000 birr to make. It is an hour and a half long and it is currently showing at Cinema Ethiopia, Ambassador cinema, Cinema Ampeir and others including outside of Addis Ababa.