Factory secures 344 mln. Birr revenue from malt sale


Factory secures 344 mln. Birr revenue from malt sale Assela September 18/2012 Assela Malt Factory said it secured 95 million Birr gross profit from sale of malt in 2004 EC. Factory Plan and Information head, Abera Mekonnen told ENA that the stated sum was secured from sale of 218,000 quintals of malt. He said the current revenue exceeded that of the previous year by over 31 million Birr. According to him, the factory is generating profit from year to year due to coordinated efforts of the factory workers. The factory is undertaking five year’s research project in collaboration with Kulumsa, Holeta, Debresiana and DebreBirhan Research centers with a view to alleviate shortage of supply of beer barley, he said. The head said BGI ETHIOPIA, Meta, Bedele and Harar beer factories have contributed their share for the research. He said the research has enabled to develop four productive varieties of barley which are still under further trial. According to him, the factory is undertaking third round expansion project and installation of modern system of production at a cost of 257 million Birr. He said the factory could produce 55 percent of the country’s malt demand. Farmers in the locality on their part said they obtained 30,000 Birr from sale of barley to the factory on average a year.
(The Ethiopian Herald)