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An Ethiopian maid, who allegedly asphyxiated her newborn by locking her in a bag, was charged with murder in the United Arab Emirates. According to court records, she had become pregnant following an illicit relation with a Pakistani man. She killed the baby by locking her up for several hours inside the bag one day after the child’s birth. She and the Pakistani have been charged with illicit consensual sex in the Court of Misdemeanors. During the Public Prosecution investigation, the maid admitted that she got pregnant from an illicit relation with the man. She gave birth by herself on April 26 and said the baby was born dead. She felt scared and the following morning, she cut her umbilical cord with a kitchen knife. She then wrapped the baby with a piece of cloth and a towel and put her in a bag for several hours. The baby’s body was found by the sponsor’s son, a 17-year-old Emirati student. He told the prosecutor that the maid had worked for them since July last year. She was sleeping in an annexed room outside the house. On April 26, she skipped work on the pretext she was feeling tired. The next day, the family told her to get ready to go out with them but the truth was that they wanted to send her back to her country.  They went to her room and searched her bags against her will. The maid then took out something wrapped in a cloth from a bag. It turned out to be the body.  She told them she brought the baby from outside. The forensic doctor said the baby was about one-day-old when she was killed. The cause of death was asphyxiation. There was a bruise on her head suggesting that she was born alive. But the bruise was not the cause of the death. She had been there for about a day before the body was found. She said that she gave birth alone on her bed in her room in the sponsor’s house. She was afraid that she would be caught so she hid the baby in a bag and closed it. The forensic report of the Criminal Evidence Department showed that the baby was normal when she was born. And she and her partner were proved to be the biological parents.
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