Meseret Bogale


Name: Meseret Bogale
Education: Elementary
Company name: Dollar Hotel and Mesi Café.
Title: Owner/ Manager
Founded: 2008
What it does: We are a hotel and café
HQ: Hawassa
Number of Employees: In the hotel I have 42 and in the café I have 25.

Startup capital: 300,000 birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: I just wanted to do my own work and I figured I would be good at this kind of business.
Biggest plus of ownership: Becoming your own boss I like being able to make my own decisions.
Biggest strength: My love for work; I think I will actually get sick if I sit around without doing anything.
Biggest weakness: My weakness might be that I get very emotional when things go wrong, even if they one not that important.
Smartest Move: Opening my own business and generating income.
Biggest Worry: The rent for my business seems to go up every six months or so, that worries me very much.
Favorite task: I like everything about my work.
Most challenging task: I think managing people is very challenging. I have a lot of employees with different personalities, entertaining all of them is something I find to be difficult.
Plan: I used to think about expanding the hotel but now I feel that I have a lot of responsibilities as it is so I am just focusing on my current business.
First Career:  I have had many jobs before, one is that I used to have was a “Tej” house.
Most interested in meeting: Nobody Most admired person: : I haven’t had a lot of people helping me with anything throughout my life but God has always been there.
Stress reducer: Just being with my kids.
Favorite past time: Again when I have free time I spend it with my kids, we go out and have fun
Favorite Book:The Bible and other religious books
Favorite Destination: I always have my vacation in Hawassa, I don’t like going anywhere else.
Favorite Automobile: Pickup trucks
Favorite Film: I don’t watch movies.