The Peace of Art


Trendy Serenade Art House is displaying unique creations to promote peace. World Peace Day was celebrated on September 21 under the theme “Notions of Peace,” and Serenade is supporting the cause with its show that runs until October 20. They are collaborating with Nesta Art Village an association of 11 artists. Five of them will have their creations at the show.  If you miss that there will still be art portraying the “Notions of Peace” concept from October 26- November 24. Leikun Nahusenay has been involved in the Ethiopian art scene for eight years and has shown his work throughout the country as well as France and Mali. His installation piece on display at Serenade brings a private moment we all enjoy into the light.  The work, entitled Rest in Peace (R.I.P) demonstrates the rest, peace and contemplation you get while you relieve your bowel as well as the concept of recycling that’s part of every person’s life.
Bathroom accessories like sinks holes, and water pumps are placed alongside various publications strewn all over, mostly dealing with summaries of the end of Ethiopian Year 2004 that featured the passing of prominent personalities, with mirrors on the walls and ground. While Leikun wants people to interpret the meaning on their own he wants to show the current situation of the country and reflect on the past Ethiopian Year 2004.  He said the photos showing birds plastered on the walls are meant to showcase the most important features of his interest in art and photography. 
Four other local artists Henok Getachew, Helen Zeru, Solomon Tseagye and Tamerat Gezahegne are demonstrating their peace related creativity. The show will continue on a collective basis until September 27 to be followed by solo shows of the artists until October 20 where they will discuss their art installations with the public who can also purchase their work. The show dates will be r from Tuesday to Saturday.