Bisrat Abtew


Name: Bisrat Abtew
EDUCATION: BSc in Networking and Data Communications
Company name: iDentity Advertising and Printing
Title: Founder
Founded: 2010
What it does: Branding, Advertising, Printing
HQ: Bole Rwanda
Number of Employees: Two

Startup capital: 40,000 birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: I am passionate about this line of work
Biggest plus of ownership: Becoming your own boss
Biggest strength: I have the foresight to predict many possibilities; I am innovative and have unique ideas.
Biggest weakness: I take calculated risks; I would like to be able to take a real risk.
Smartest Move: I think having an office was a very smart move, for the kind of business I’m in an office is not an absolute requirement, but having an office definitely moved my company forward as it brought in more customers. 
Biggest Worry: In this line of business the amount of time and research spent is mandatory for the output but some customers choose to ignore it.
Favorite task: Typographic designs and developing concept designs
Most challenging task: Working on designs with Amharic texts can be difficult because of the font limitations
Plan: Creating a well-known branding and advertising agency.
First Career:  Website designer
Most interested in meeting: Dan Brown
Most admired person: Steve Jobs
Stress reducer: Watching movies and Walking.
Favorite past time:  I like reading books or watching movies when I have free time.
Favorite Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Favorite Destination: Dubai
Favorite Automobile: Range Rover
Favorite Film: Pirates of the Caribbean  Trilogy