From Senegal comes fashion as art

A dialogue on fashion, sport, Africa and its Diaspora that began four years ago in Dakar has come to Addis at the Goethe Institute and the Alliance Ethio-Francaise.
Mulugeta Ayene, Tewodros Bekele and Kebreab Demek joined artists from other countries such as Philip Metz and Friedrich M. Ploch for the Pret a Partager exhibition which explore the possibilities and meanings of clothes and fashion from cultural contexts that go beyond just covering the body.
The artists utilized the tapestries of their own history and familiarization with new cultural practices to develop striking works and hybrid creations which are socially explosive.
Fred and Philip offered personal accounts of the touring exhibition at the Gothe opening which featured a documentary on the artwork.
The exhibition showing at Alliance Ethio-Francaise is curated by Aida Mulunhe. That exhibition utilizes photography, found objects and construction materials and creates a new perspective in the urban context in Addis Abeba as well as many other places around the globe. These featured artists present new works that discuss social concepts through art as it relates to the visual trend of the city.