Love heals

“The moment I started being aware of the power of love, I began to heal spiritually and my physical disabilities became less and less of a hindrance to what I wanted to be or achieve,” says artist Brook Yeshitila.
His recent exhibition entitled “FikirAshenafi” opened on Friday September 21, 2012 at Asni Gallery. The exhibition is made up of sculptures, and installations created following his first solo show entitled “Thirteen Months” that was also held at Asni.  The exhibition is all about love and life in every sense of the word. Barbed wire, egg shells, electric lights and cement are used to express metaphors entwined in the sculptures and installations. The body of work presented in the show is composed of eleven individual pieces each with their distinct title inviting the viewer to a three dimensional visual poetry of songs of love, passion and endurance.
“If it wasn’t for all the love around me I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I want to share it with everyone. I want people to be aware that one can surmount all hurdles if one lets it happen. It is possible to create a peaceful and harmonious world if we strive to love one another irrespective of how close or how far apart we are since in the final analysis we are all part of humankind,” the artist says.
Brook dedicated FikirAshenafi to the late World Laureate Maitre Artiste AfewerkTekle.