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Mesfin Industrial Engineering (MIE) Plc inaugurated its second automobile in just a year after it launched its first GEELY car. MIE produced a car named “Addis” with a capacity of 1300cc at its plant located in Mekelle last year, 783Km north of Addis Ababa. Last Thursday, the engineering company inaugurated a new model called Saba with 1,500cc.

The new automobile model costs the customer 430 thousand birr. Customers are subjected to pay 30 percent while the car is in the processes of assembly and the remaining 70 percent upon delivery.
The company assembled 32 such automobiles so far but plans to boost its capacity to 1,000 automobiles per annum.  The company assembles automobiles parts imported from Chinese car manufacturer, Geely International. 
The Saba model is a bit longer and higher than the Addis model. It is more comfortable, has a reverse radar system, sensor, and MP3 player. It can travel 13 kilometers, on average, per liter.  It is also equipped with CVVT engine technology, ABS and EBD brake system, and air bags. 
The company has sold out of more than 400 Addis models in the first year of its introduction. They are currently negotiating with Wegagen Bank to come up with ways customers can access credit facilities so that they can pay the price of the car in installments. Such a scheme is expected to increase the demand for the automobiles.
MIE was founded in September 1993 as the engineering wing of the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray. The company started its operation with 30 employees and 7 million birr capital two decades ago. It has now more than 1400 employees and 300 million birr capital. Its annual sales turn over surpassed 600 million birr.
MIE is engaged in the manufacturing of liquid and dry cargo bodies, trailers and low beds. It also manufactures fuel storage thanks, various construction equipment and cement, fertilizer, and sugar factory parts. It also engaged in building storage facilities for fuel and machines.