Diageo promotes safety


Eight months after taking over Meta Brewery with a price tag of USD 225 million, the world’s giant distiller Diageo is forging ahead to introduce international safety and working standards, Capital learned.

With a close inquiry at the Brewery’s Sebeta compound on Saturday Capital understood that one of the most enchanting things about the standards is its powerful sense of code of business conduct.
“The Health and Safety Manager, Habtu Bazezew said, “We should work to mitigate risks which arise from deliberate or accidental breaches of safety standards.” Reporting accidents, near misses, non-compliance with regulations or anything that poses risk to health, safety and security is an integral part of the safety standard, according to the Manager. “Make sure to let others if an emergency occurs at the place of work, safety comes first,” he added.
This time Diageo is spending over a million dollars to upgrade the standards but the management thinks that this expense is worth paying. For safety reasons, even in the compound, the roads are separated for the heavy trucks, small vehicles and pedestrians. The call is that ‘we have to be safe in the compound. 
Production Manager, Adedayo Timothy Oludare, on his part said that Diageo is currently engaged in expansion work. “We want Diageo’s marketing and promotional activities to be recognized as the best in the world. For this we need to apply the quality global policy to all Diageo brands so as to lead the customers trust in the quality, safety and purity of our beverages worldwide,” he said.
In the briefing, Capital learned that all employees are strictly following the international safety standard in their section. Strict supervision in this regard was observed. Currently Meta Beer, by far and large, is busy in expanding its share in an ever expanded beer market of the country.  We are hopeful to gain the major market share in the short possible time, the Production Manager concluded.