German Reunification Celebrated


History  informs us that in 1945, Germany was divided into two separate countries, with the east controlled as part of the Communist Soviet Bloc and the west aligned to Capitalist Europe which coalesced into the European Community (currently, the EU) including a division in military alliances that formed into the Warsaw Pact and NATO, respectively.

The capital city Berlin was divided into four occupied sectors of control, under the Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Germans lived under such enforced divisions throughout the Cold War, with the Berlin wall that separated Germany serving as an icon and reminder for the political and economic division between East and West.
And then in 1989 came the Peaceful Revolution which was a series of non-violent political protests against the regime of the German Democratic Republic.  The non-violent demonstrations were a key component  to the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9 and ultimately led to the collapse of the East German regime. German reunification happened within a year, on October 3, 1990.
That’s what the German Embassy celebrated with a big bash on October 3rd 2012, the 22nd anniversary of German Unity.
“On  October 3rd, 1990 something Germany had been hoping and longing for became a tangible reality: with national reunification complete, our country at last had the chance to start afresh. Today post-reunification Germany clearly has a recognized place alongside its partners in Europe as well as in the wider world,” stated H.E Lies Lore Cyrus, German Ambassador to Ethiopia, in her speech.
The Ambassador also referred to the long and enduring history of bilateral relations with Ethiopia as a basis for ongoing and future projects in the political and cultural spheres. “This year our countries have celebrated some important and historic milestones in our cultural relations: the 50th anniversary of the Goethe Institute and the 40th anniversary of the German Church School,” she stated.
She also congratulated the Ethiopian people and the Government on the first peaceful handover of power in recent history and wished newly appointed Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn success.
The celebration was attended by a delegation of the German Bundestag Committee on Development and Cooperation of the Federal Parliament. During their four day stay, the delegation met with the Government and visited German cooperation projects.