Samsung to showcase new technology


This October, 18-20, Samsung will hold an event at the Sheraton Addis to unveil technological innovations and discuss social development. “Samsung week” will concentrate on expanding the Company’s presence in Africa by positively impacting the communities where consumers live.

“Samsung is committed to social development through investing in technical schools in the country,” said Tadewos Awol, Country Manager of Samsung East Africa. The company also announced, at a press conference on October 1, that they would have a social development delegation arriving from Korea for the event. Of course being involved in the community will allow them to continue to promote themselves as Samsung continues to gain a strong foothold in Ethiopia.
“We are having special offers on all our products for the event,” said Tadewos.
Samsung lauded the success of the previous “Samsung Week,” held in Ethiopia last year. This year’s program includes a media day on the 18th of October, dealer’s conference and exhibition on the 19th and a youth day which will include entertainment such as live musical performances on the 20th.
“We will introduce the latest technologically innovative products from 27 categories at Samsung week,” Tadewos stated.
During the week Samsung will be raising awareness about the hazards of counterfeit technologies and will introduce special offers. The Company already provides an SMS service with information on genuine Samsung products for customers seeking one. “Our products also have a two year warranty which the fake products will not have. Customers can also identify a genuine product that way,” said Tadewos.
Concerning the never ending lawsuit war between Apple and Samsung, the Country Director stated that “Samsung is the second company in the world to have its brand patented, which in itself should be evidence of excellence.” Referring to the recent accusations made by Apple concerning Samsungs’ Galaxy S 3 smart phones, he said, Samsung has also filed a lawsuit against Apple’s iPhone 5 alleging of patent infringements.
Samsung consolidated sales of USD 143.1 billion worldwide in 2011. It remains one of the leading companies in innovative technology.