Letarik Alemayehu


Name: Letarik Alemayehu
Education: Diploma in Information Technology and Literature currently attending college. 
Company name: Letarik Advertising and Event Management
Title:General Manager
Founded: 2009
What it does: Organizing events, documentary films and theatre productions
HQ: Next to Plaza Hotel on Haile Gebreselassie road
Number of Employees: Seven

Startup capital: 10,000 birr
Current capital: 1.2 million birr

Reason for starting business: The passion to change my career through education and experience in the print media. That passion gave me the impetus to reach the current position.
Biggest plus of ownership: Time to learn more and discover myself to improve my business as much as possible
Biggest strength: Letarik is very much dependent on quality work with which we establish strong connections and wide networks with the business community.
Biggest weakness:We make every effort to employ more people but the progress is slow.
Smartest Move: I was a printing controller at the beginning. From that I became a reporter; then a salesperson and graphic designer.
Biggest Worry: None
Favorite task: The event that we organized about traffic accidents in Ethiopia at the exhibition centre. That was commended as the best way of teaching people about the hazards of traffic accidents in Ethiopia.
Most challenging task: Organizing the traffic accident event was challenging but successful. The concert of Kevin Little at the Millennium Hall was the most challenging.
Plan: With the already established sister company, Alet Communication and Events we want to go in to the print industry with large printing machines.
First Career: Printing controller
Most interested in meeting: It is not possible now but I wish I had met the late Meles Zenawi
Most admired person: Meles Zenawi
Stress reducer: I need a quiet place to be alone for some time
Favorite past time: Enjoying with my family
Favorite Book: I am not a huge book fan
Favorite Destination: Hawassa
Favorite Automobile: Sports Utility, 4×4 vehicle
Favorite Film: None