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The European Union Delegation to Ethiopia celebrated the World Day against the Death Penalty in collaboration with African Union last Wednesday at the French Cultural Center in Addis Ababa and Alliance France. The participants of the event mainly composed of the diplomatic community argued that capital punishment is inhuman and unnecessary since no legal system is flawless; any miscarriage of justice can lead to a tragic loss of innocent life. Seventeen countries in Africa have abolished the death penalty.  Egypt was the first and now 24 counties are in the process of abolishing it. With the exception of Belarus, no execution has taken place in Europe in the last fifteen years. The Council of Europe (CE) counts 47 member states which includes 27 member states of the European Union (EU). The CE and EU urged all countries which still retain the death penalty to apply a moratorium on execution and support the global resolution on a moratorium on the use of death penalty. The global moratorium will be put to a vote on the next United Nations General Assembly.