AddisBuild 2012 Expo features record number of companies


Yesterday marked the beginning of a record breaking construction exhibition. Forty five local and foreign companies are showcasing their products.

More than half of the companies are from Turkey. Nine are local and the rest are from Asia and Europe.  The organizers say the four day exhibition will have nine more companies than last year.  This includes three local firms. 
Mert Gul Event Director for Expotim, a Turkish international fair organizer said Turkish companies predominate this week’s expo since they’re given tax incentives by the Turkish government to promote quality and competitive Turkish goods and services.
Expotim has previously been involved  in Senegal, Cameroon, and Angola.
“We think the expo will give much more impetus and importance to the booming construction sector in Ethiopia,” said Mert.  Ethiopia is a centre of Africa, and its booming economy needs to create more opportunities for the 80 million people living in its territory, he added.
He however admitted that challenges remain for foreign companies to do business in Ethiopia such as very stringent customs procedures although he stressed that there’s ongoing discussion with the Ministry of Trade of  Ethiopia to make it easier for foreign companies to get involved in Ethiopia.
Mert further said that Expotim has extensively advertised the event and that the expo’s aim is not just to introduce companies to each other but to also build a solid and lasting relationship between local and foreign companies.  
Haimanot Tesfaye Managing Director at Haymi Advertising Service, a partner company for the expo organizer, said last year’s AddisBuild exhibition had ensured that new business deals and agreements were made between Turkish companies and local ones, such as the local TRACON Private Limited Company and Teksen Generator Company and Yilmaz Manufacturing Company from the Turkish side.
“Next year we plan to sell products of the exhibitor companies,” said Haimanot adding that in the next Ethiopian fiscal year 2013/14 there is a plan to rent all three exhibition centers to give more exposure to such types of expos while transitioning expos to become multi-sectoral instead of focusing on one specific sector.