Hujian receives 320 hct in Addis

The Huajian Group, one of the biggest footwear producers in the world, based in China, has taken over industrial land on the outskirts of Addis Ababa.
The Company that has already commenced its production at the Chinese Eastern Industry Zone located at Dukem, 30 km east of Addis Ababa in the Oromia regional administration, has now received the plot from the Addis Ababa City administration which is located around Kality.
Birhanu Sirgabo, public relations head of the Leather Industry Development Institute, said the Company has received the 320 hectare of land from the City administration in the past few weeks. He said that the Chinese firm will begin construction of the new industry in the near future, after it completes the prerequisite conditions. The Huajian Group is now exporting its product to the western market from its production centre at the Eastern Chinese Industry Zone. 
The Chinese giant commenced investment activities in Ethiopia early this year after the Company officials conferred with the late PM, Meles Zenawi, in August 2011, in China. It expects to produce 3000 pairs of shoes daily for export.
The Chinese Company is one of many that is expected to make a big contribution in Ethiopia’s goal to meet the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP), that aims to earn half a billion dollars from   leather exports by mid 2014/2015, which is the end of the five-year plan. The new investor has a significant international presence that further enhances Ethiopia’s finished leather industry.
Ethiopia plans to earn over USD 233 million by exporting leather and leather products this year (2012/2013).  
The revenue projected by the Leather Industry Development Institute is almost twice the amount as last year’s.
Ethiopia earned more than USD 112.1 million from the export of leather and leather products during the last fiscal year (2011/12), which was lower than the USD 206 million they had hoped for. Decreases in Leather prices coupled with increases in the prices of raw material on the International market were reasons cited for the weak performance. Improving efficiency is also being pointed to as something that will help with profits. 
New large companies that have begun production over the past few months will play a big role in meeting this year’s projection.
Experts said that the Huajian Group alone is capable of producing close to what the Country exported last year.

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