‘LEAP’ to tackle education problems


Primary education is of significant importance because it is where young people are prepared for the possibility of continuing schooling at a later stage or tertiary level or go into professional education at high school level (after 10th grade). Currently, facilities are inadequate in Ethiopia  and professional capacity is low. These problems are particularly acute in rural areas.
Christian Children’s Fund, Canada, launched the Leading Education for Achievement and Progress (LEAP). This project that costs more than 90 million birr was launched on Friday October 19, 2012, at a workshop held at Jupiter Hotel. The objective of the project is to increase access to quality Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) and related health and nutrition services for children of 4 to 6 years old, to improve the quality and efficiency of primary education for children, and to promote equal access to ECCE and primary education for girls and underprivileged children.
“It is clear that for us to build a strong Ethiopia; we must invest a lot in the education sector. The development of this sector is crucial in transforming our nation. Without education we know that it is impossible to eradicate poverty and generate a robust economy. It is only with a good education system that we will be able to promote economic growth and the development of our people,” said Berhanu Ambaw, Country Director of Christian Children’s Fund Canada.
The project plans to achieve its objectives through strategies such as increasing awareness within communities and enhancing parent’s commitment, supporting effective school improvement plans and improving school governance structures.
“The project will work to enhance the teaching-learning process in schools. Moreover the project will focus on creating conducive education environment, to ensure equal opportunities for girls, orphans and vulnerable children. The project will also focus on reducing the number of dropouts, and reaching out to marginalized children,” said Berhanu.
LEAP will be implemented in three districts, one is in Amhara National Regional State of Tarma Ber, and the other two are in the Oromo National Regional States of Adeaa and Arsi Negelle. The project will have 138,000 children as beneficiaries.