Teklu Bekele


Name: Teklu Bekele
EDUCATION: Diploma From Technical and Vocational School 
Company name: Teklu Bekele Souvenir Shop
Title: Owner
Founded: 2010
What it does: sells traditional gift items
HQ: Around the main Post Office
Number of Employees: One

Startup capital: 10,000 birr
Current capital: 30,000.birr

Reason for starting business: I am interested in this line of work; I want to promote traditional Ethiopian goods
Biggest plus of ownership: Being your own boss, working and making decisions freely
Biggest strength: Being able to be happy with whatever I do
Biggest weakness: I can’t really identify my weakness, I don’t know if I have any. Maybe others might speak of it
Smartest Move: Opening my own business
Biggest Worry: I don’t really have anything to worry about
Favorite task: Interacting with my customers 
Most challenging task: Sometimes you bring in certain items in your shop and customers like it but then the manufacturer of the item stops producing which is very disappointing to those who come to my shop to buy it because they won’t be able to find it
Plan: I want to continue in this business and grow
First Career: I used to work as an auto mechanic at the Ministry of Agriculture
Most interested in meeting: Tirunesh Dibaba
Most admired person: Tirunesh Dibaba
Stress reducer: Swimming and playing ground tennis
Favorite past time: I really like walking in the evenings and going to cafes
Favorite Book: I used to read a lot when I was a student but I can’t remember titles now
Favorite Destination: Hawassa
Favorite Automobile: Toyota Yaris
Favorite Film: None