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An Egyptian led convoy which is making its brave, long tour of the African continent starting from the Egyptian capital of Cairo with the eventual plan to reach the South African coastal city of Cape Town reached in Ethiopia this week.

The convoy consisting of five Egyptian and two French nationals technically started its journey in the south western French city of Biarritz, before being transported by plane on October 13 to the Egyptian Coastal city of Alexandria. From there the convoy travelled by bus to Cairo where the trip was officially said to begin.
Remy Siag, Expedition Manager and Organizer of the 12,400 kms trip, is also an owner of SIAG Travel Company, specializing in Desert Safaris. Remy notes the importance of maintaining the strong relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt, one going back as far as the time of the Pharaohs.
Siag travel which is currently based in Egypt plans in the future to expand its operations to neighboring Sudan, Libya, Chad, and of course Ethiopia. The tour delegation which is expected to reach its final destination on December 1st is coursing its way to its final destination by way of: Cairo-Urghada- Arkin (Border of Egypt and Sudan)- Dongola- Atabara- Khartoum- Wedi Medani- Galabat ( Sudanese border town)- Metema- Gondar- Addis Ababa.
“My motivation is to have African countries, especially in eastern Africa, retain strong links with Egypt” said Remy.  Authorities in all three countries they have passed through so far have been very cooperative. The tour delegation made visits to the Tiya stone carvings located in the Guraghe zone of the Southern regional state, as well as Yabelo National Park located in the same region.
Expenses for the trip are covered by the Egyptian government, and private sector companies from both Egypt and elsewhere.
Remy further added that his work doesn’t end with this trip. He is already planning another bus tour from Cairo to Addis Ababa.