LG to expand its business in Ethiopia


“Due to climate change, the temperature of the country has changed, and the demand of air conditioning is growing,” stated Dinir Abubaker, Country Director of LG electronics at the launch ceremony of the new Titan series of air conditioners in Ethiopia on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, at Hilton Hotel. “The African region usually suffers from unstable power supply; to counter this, the air conditioner has a built- in voltage switch to protect the conditioner’s compressor from being damaged by fluctuations in electric current,” stated Sangmin Lee, Vice President of LG East Africa. The Titan series makes many claims; like the ability to blast air to distances of up to 10 meters, the first air conditioner to do this. Titan also claims to double as an air purifier and filter, eliminating allergens and airborne viruses like H1N1 over the course of 24 hours and also to use 75 percent less power than any other AC. “We know that conserving energy is one of the aims of electronics manufacturers right now. The Titan series does that better than any other brand,” said Dinir. “LG has sold 100 million air conditioner units worldwide; no other electronics company has sold that much. We believe Ethiopia has a very big market for air conditioners: a lot of hotels are being built to accommodate the influx of tourists into the country and the LG brand is in big demand,” stated Dinir. In anticipation of this, LG has opened a training center in Kaliti to give training to vendors who sell LG products, on proper installation.