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Name: Meskerem Bogale
Education: Diploma
Company name: Tsihon Fast Food
Title:  Owner
Founded: Mid-2011
What it does: Provides fast food and other meals  
HQ: Bole Medhanealem
Number of Employees:  8

Startup capital: 60,000 birr
Current capital: Growing.

Reason for starting business: At first it was just to make money but, as I got more involved, I became more interested in the food business.
Biggest plus of ownership: Being able to support myself. If you have your own business, you can dream big.
Biggest strength:  I have a daring personality; I take risks.
Biggest weakness: I’m sure I have weaknesses, but I don’t really know what they are.
Smartest Move: Deciding to have my own business, even though it is tough, I think it was a smart decision.
Biggest Worry: When you run a business there are a number of things that can go wrong, at any point the business may fail, and you might lose all your money; but you should know all the risks, and despite the risks you should still be able to take chances, I don’t worry much about risks. Favorite task: I really like it when I see customers come to my restaurant, they are satisfied. That makes me happy.
Most challenging task: Making customers happy can be challenging. Plan: Even though it is very difficult, I would like to open a bigger restaurant in the future.
First Career:  I used to work in cosmetics.
Most interested in meeting: No one
Most admired person: My mother Weyna Bekele, she is a very strong woman.
Stress reducer:  Spending time with my family.
Favorite pastime: Being with my family; I have a husband and a daughter.
Favorite Book: The Bible.
Favorite Destination: Hawassa
Favorite Automobile: Toyata Rav 4
Favorite Film: Seven Days and Seven  Nights