Berhanu Aragie



Name:  Berhanu Aragie
Education: Diploma in Sanitation Company name: Berhane Sanitation, Environmental cleaning service
Title:  Owner/ Manager
Founded: 2001
What it does: Provides mobile toilets for big events such as concerts or events like the Great Run
HQ: Piazza near Cinema Empire  Number of Employees: Ten

Startup capital: 350,000 birr  
Current capital: Growing.

Reason for starting business: I saw the need for it. Most venues that hold big events usually have problems because they don’t have enough toilets. I wanted to solve that problem
Biggest plus of ownership: Making your own money. Doing what you really want to do is a big plus
Biggest strength: Being able to provide what is expected from my business and working hard
Biggest weakness: I don’t think I have any weaknesses, not that I know of
Smartest Move: Opening my own business. Generating income is, I think, a very smart move
Biggest Worry: I don’t have any worries concerning the business
Favorite task: Providing quality service, seeing customers satisfied
Most challenging task: Our business functions when there are big events organized, it is limited to that, so it could be a challenge

Plan: I would like to expand the business, get more mobile toilets and are our own waste disposal trucks to give more service
First Career:  I used to work as a sanitation administrator for a Kebele administrative body
Most interested in meeting: No one
Most admired person: I admire Azeb Girma who works at Environmental Development Action- Ethiopia and I also admire Andria and Dieter from Egnice Project
Stress reducer:  Being with my family
Favorite pastime: I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I do I go out with my friends or spend time with my family
Favorite Book: I do read a lot of books. I like reading, but I can’t really pick one above the rest
Favorite Destination: Hawassa
Favorite Automobile: I don’t have a preference. Anything that will get me where I need to go fits me
Favorite Film:  Feker and Facebook