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The global established order, which we affectionately call the ‘coal mine’, because of its built-in intransigence against everything that attempts to throw light on prevailing global problematic, considers our evolving complex environment (climate change, ocean acidification, diminishing biodiversity, soil erosion, etc) as something that deserves complete inattention. The recent debates between the two major contestants for the US presidency threw clear light on the psychological disposition and policy position of the 1%, which effectively runs the global order. These kingmakers behind the scene ruled; the general environment and the prevailing financial crisis should not be mentioned during the presidential debates by the candidates. Naturally the politicos obliged, lest they are thrown to the dogs, including the paid media!

The 1% figured, along with its Wall Street manipulators, or ‘masters of the universe’as they were once called by their lackeys; (at least before the financial crisis) the global beast (human mass) could remain subdued, so long as its belly is full and various entertainment schemes are sublimely leveraged to tantalize its mind into painless submission. In this regard, the plan did work, until it didn’t. At long last, grass root movements across the world decided to withdraw from their continuous doping, (compliment of the power that be) and started to entertain their own alternatives for sustainable existence, until of course the ‘coal mine’decided to make a stop to that also. Aware of the global beast’s restlessness, the established global order is now determined to put the beast back on a short leash!
To this end, many new regulations were/are being enacted to curtail the open expression of genuine peoples’ interests in the various nation states, particularly within the Anglo Saxon countries. The new and upcoming regulationsthat are now seeping their way into our daily lives (online monitoring of individuals’ activities, etc) are facilitated by the paid lawmakers/politicians that serve the 1%. Be that as it may, in the arena of global socio-economic existence, the ‘perfect storm’ is still gathering momentum and seems to be right on track to decimate the old edifice that stands on its way. See Solnit’s article next column.
One thing that still remains completely outside the domain of these accomplished manipulators and their paid politicos is, the uncontrollable rage of Mother Nature!
Whether politicos want to talk about the on-going crisis (environment/financial) or not, Mother Nature has decided to act out its intentions to remind us that we are easily dispensable. We just hope our idiotic psychopaths who happen to find themselves in positions of responsibilities dispensing irresponsibilities, will take serious note of what is happening. Nature’s fury as expressed by the massive storm (Sandy) that hit the eastern seaboard of the United States this past week is, we believe, only a precursor of things to come. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’, is a biblical truism the so-called ‘God fearing’ 1% conveniently forgot! See Hertsgaard’s article on page 50.
Weeks ago Munich Re, one of the top reinsurance companies in the world issued a study entitled; ‘Severe Weather in North America.’ It bluntly stated, ‘Nowhere in the world is the rising of natural catastrophes more evident than in North America.’ Yet again, the 1% didn’t bother to take note of this empirical evidence, since this finding doesn’t quite coincide with the establishment’s wish and theoretical narration, compliment of paid scientists.The received wisdom of the ‘coalmine’ goes something like this; ‘Global warming or climate change will be mild and forgiving in the temperate zones (North America, Europe, etc) and will mostly hammer those wretched souls living in the outlying areas along the equator, etc.’ The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) published a NASA finding which states, ‘…few decades ago heat waves affected much less than 1% of the earth’s surfaces, now typically it covers about 10% of the land area.’ According to the ‘coalmine’ however, these topics are not important enough to warrant debate, at all levels!
The fifteenth-century courtier and political theorist forewarned us about the consequences of not changing with the times. “A man who is used to acting in one way never changes: he must come to ruin when the times, in changing, no longer are in harmony with his ways.” Niccolo Machiavelli. Good Day!