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Name: Mekebebe Fikre
Education: First degree in IT Company name: Lomi Guest House
Title: Owner
Founded: 2012
What it does: Provides accommodation.
HQ: Next to Sandford School Number of Employees: Eight.

Startup capital:  Two million birr  
Current capital: Two million birr

Reason for starting business: I also have a tour company and I thought opening a guesthouse would go hand in hand. I used to direct travelers that come to my tour company to hotels, now I can directly provide them with the services of my guesthouse.
Biggest plus of ownership: Having your own business enables you to grow; it doesn’t limit you. You face a lot of challenges, so you get a lot of experience to learn from
Biggest strength: I know how to handle customers well.
Biggest weakness: I don’t know what my weakness is.
Biggest Worry: One of the reasons I opened the guesthouse is that it really has a zero rate of risk; it is not like the hotel business where you have to hire a lot of people and invest a lot of money.
Favorite task: Getting to know new people.
Most challenging task: I don’t think there really is anything that is challenging about this business.
Plan: I plan to open a really big tour company.
First Career:   I worked in a mobile maintenance shop.
Most interested in meeting: Haile Gebreselassie
Most admired person: I have great admiration for my father. He always gives me good advice and I believe it is because of that, that I am a success today.
Stress reducer: I take a nap.
Favorite pastime: Meeting new people and networking.
Favorite Book: I’m not really into reading.
Favorite Destination: Dire Dawa
Favorite Automobile: Toyota, any kind.
Favorite Film:I don’t watch a lot of movies.