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Ethiopia uses nuclear technology to eradicate tsetse flies
Ethiopia is winning the battle against the Tsetse fly, using what officials say is a safe nuclear technology; radiation. The project to battle livestock menacing tsetse flies started in April in a laboratory on the outskirts of the capital, using the key weapon, radiation. After sterilization, a plane spreads thousands of non-reproductive tsetse flies every Wednesday in various parts of Ethiopia, especially along riverbed breeding grounds. So far, more than a million laboratory flies have been released. Now, sterilized flies outnumber fertile flies, eight to one. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also funded and promoted the first breakthrough tsetse radiation project in Zanzibar in 1997. The same technology is now being copied in Ethiopia. But Amano of IAEA says that the success of Zanzibar does not guarantee success in all other places.