Habtamu Dejene


Name: Habtamu Dejene
Education: First degree in Theatrical Arts
Company name: YTHEN Multi-Media Production
Title:  General Manager
Founded: 2010 What it does: Film Production, Event Organizing and Promotion
HQ: 6 kilo, Around Miskaye Hizunan Medhanialem church 
Number of Employees: six.

Startup capital:  125,000 birr  
Current capital: 600,000  birr

Reason for starting business: We [Habtamu and friends who are also shareholders in the company] wanted to contribute our share to the development of the country’s entertainment industry in general, and film and promotion in particular.
Biggest plus of ownership: Being able to do whatsoever I think I can do without any limitations. Even though you face different challenges while managing your own company, it is very good as you get a lot of experience. 
Biggest strength: Always being responsible for what I do.
Biggest weakness: I am a bit hasty.
Biggest Worry: I don’t have any worries so far.
Favorite task: Having been able to start a partnership business
Most challenging task: It depends. If the person/persons working with you cannot be responsible for what they do, that is vey challenging.
Plan: Making our mark in the entertainment industry.
First Career:   I worked as a finance administrator at Elektra Music Shop
Most interested in meeting: Nelson Mandela
Most admired person: Nelson Mandela is the most admirable person ever to me.
Stress reducer: Being with my family
Favorite pastime: Being with my family
Favorite Book: Minduban [the Amharic translation of the French novel Les Miserables]
Favorite Destination: France, I think, as it is the birth place of many authors I admired
Favorite Automobile: Toyota, 4WD
Favorite Film: Teza [an Amharic movie by Haile Gerima (Prof.)]