Three foreign based players join Walia Shadow team


Fikru Tefera from Vietnam, Yusuf Sala from Sweden and Girmay Abraham from US America join the Ugandan bound Ethiopian national shadow side under the scrutiny of national head coach Sewnet Bishaw. National side assistant coach Seyoum Kebede is the officially appointed head coach.
The shadow team faces Kenya, Sudan and Uganda in the death group thus a good opportunity to Sewnet to watch closely the three foreign based players. This is considered the best shot for EFF looking for foreign players with an Ethiopian family. Of course striker Fikru Tefera is well known in the capital playing for Adama Town and Saint George before he travelled to South Africa. Currently based in Vietnam premier league, Fikru must be the most travelled Ethiopian footballer for he played in South Africa and Czech before he sailed Far East to Vietnam. Played to South Africa’s two rival teams Sundown and Super sport, many expect Fikru to be of help to Lucy in short of experienced strike force. Swedish based Yusuf Salah is a left full back with big prospect of joining Sewnet’s squad.  Yusuf’s Swedish premier league experience would benefit Walia’s short of experienced players at such level. The other from America Girmay is said to be in good form and ready to contribute to the team’s effort to win as a university senior player.