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Name: Cheru Shumbeza
Education: Diploma in Animal Science 
Company name: Koremtu Mini-Mart
Title: General Manager
Founded: September, 2005. What it does: Distributes commodities
HQ: Around Bole Medhanealem School Number of Employees:  two

Startup capital: 100,000 birr  
Current capital: 100,000 birr

Reason for starting business: To have my own business
Biggest plus of ownership: It enables one to use one’s best efficiency without anybody limiting them, and to cultivate the fruits for themselves.
Biggest strength: I am pretty creative.
Biggest weakness: I don’t know my weakness yet.
Biggest Worry: I don’t have anything to worry about.
Favorite task: I like trade as it is, I believe the only task that lets you see the result immediately and satisfactorily.
Most challenging task: I think the hotel and restaurant businesses would be challenging for me.
Plan: I have plans to be involved in agriculture, especially in animal husbandry.
First Career: As a government employee.
Most interested in meeting: I have always wanted to meet the late Primier Meles Zenawi. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t.
Most admired person: I admire, and will be admiring, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Stress reducer: I work hard when I am stressed. I relax when I am done with what I started.
Favorite pastime: being alone at home, going to cafes’ and recreation centers
Favorite Book: Esat wey Abeba  [an  Amharic poem by Tsegaye G/Medhin]
Favorite Destination: I want to visit Bahir Dar.
Favorite Automobile: Woyane DX
Favorite Film: I don’t watch movies. I only watch TV dramas and still don’t remember my favorite.