Jigjiga opens its own modern airport terminal


The spacious and modern new passenger terminal at Garad Wilwal Jigjiga Airport which is located about 660 km east of Addis Ababa, was inaugurated on November 24th, after more than three and half years of construction and a cost of about 68.4 million birr, in the presence of the Somali Regional State President, Abdi Omer Mohammed.
The terminal was named after a well known clan leader in the region as per the request of the Somali Regional State Government.
The construction work was done by Asmelash & Sons Construction Company and the design work by National Consultancy Company. The passenger terminal has the capacity to handle 176 passengers at peak hours of operation, with  various facilities including airport administrative offices, restaurants, shops, offices for various airlines and other stakeholders.
Passengers used to be greeted by shabby sheet metal covered passenger terminals which left one exposed to the weather conditions outside and lacked the aforementioned sections and areas.
The completion of the passenger terminal is expected to boost tourism to the nearby Babile natural rock formations, and ancient historical artefacts in Harar city, as well as the Somali Regional State’s immense Agro industry, enhancing the development of the region in particular and the country in general.
The Airport is also expected to foster strong socio-economic and political ties to its eastern neighbouring countries of Somalia and Djibouti as well as the self-declared republic of Somaliland.
Shiferaw Alemu Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE), which has been in existence for a decade, said it’s currently striving to complete in the current Ethiopian Fiscal Year 2012/13, some six upgrading and expansion projects around the country at a cost of more than two billion birr.