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another modern landfill for Addis on the way

Last Wednesday, November 21st ,witnessed what could be a landmark day for the waste disposal efforts of the Addis Ababa city Administration and the long suffering residents of an area called “Repi,’ in the Kolfe Keranyio district,  in regards to the process of shutting down the old dump site in the aforementioned area. The residents had been suffering from a range of problems like medical ailments, bad smells and unhygienic environment.  
Simultaneously, a cornerstone was laid for what’s expected to be a modern landfill in the Oromiya Special zone, Akaki-Kile peasants’ association kebele, Berhe Woreda lying on 136 hectares.
Nega Fantahun, Recycling Project office manager at the Addis Ababa city Administration, said the “Repi,”  -commonly known as “koshe”-   waste disposal site has already partially closed and that it’s expected to take a maximum of two years to entirely close it. 
The waste disposal site used to lie on 43 hectares, but was subsequently reduced to 32 hectares, after part of it was used for the construction of the ring-road highway and part of it was eroded by a small river. 
Nega said the closing of the “Repi” waste disposal site is not the end of the story; since the site has accumulated waste for about four decades, plans have been made to convert it into a recycling center, to be built on 7-12 hectares, with the infrastructure already being finalized.
The recycling center will feature, among other things, the production of organic fertilizers, construction and building materials, electric power generation, carbon-free charcoal and briquettes and liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), used as bio gas in dwellings. 
At the new dump site, there will be a modern landfill sanitary system with four trans-filtration sites at all four corners of the city and its surroundings which is expected to help in efficiently transporting waste to the site. These trans-filtration sites will be located at Bole, Akaki, Koshe and Burayu city, in the Oromiya special zone.
These four sites will separate trash or waste into recyclable and non- recyclable materials, turning it into wealth for some, and helping the environment at the same time.
Regarding the new landfill which will be situated at Berhe woreda, it’s expected to be a modern sanitary landfill with its very own recycling center, especially for solid wastes, and its very own treatment plant to filter out toxic substances and heavy metals from places such as factories, vegetable stalls and hospitals with treated water finally to be released or be the end product, after its toxic ingredients has been filtered out.
The new landfill is projected to be ready for service in two years time and is anticipated to be financed through a soft loan by the French government development financing agency (AFD). 
AFD will also finance the other projects with about one billion birr already set aside, although the loan agreement stipulates that the loan money could be increased if the projects need more financing to bear fruition.
Nega said, so far, several companies including Cambridge Industries, a company headquartered in London, have shown interest in developing the aforementioned projects.
Cambridge Industries had proposed a project of turning the rubbish accumulated for almost half a century at ‘Koshe’ into an electricity generating plant producing 50 Mega Watt within one year, using a specialized incinerator.