Trunesh asks “if two Olympic gold medals is not enough”


Beijing Olympic double gold medalist Trunesh Dibaba announced that she will stay in the track events although her decision to become involved in Marathons showed golden promise. “I was really surprised when IAAF denied me world athlete of the year accolade after Beijing,” Trunesh remarked in Barcelona.
The two-time world champion and triple Olympic gold medalist, Trunesh told journalists at the 2012 IAAF World Best Athlete of the Year gala dinner in Barcelona that she is relishing the challenge of long distance track events although she is seriously thinking about marathons. “I am looking forward to next year’s World Athletics championship 5000 & 10000 meter events. I might even go for both”
Following her debut marathon win in Berlin, many, including IAAF senior officials, who were worried that track events would miss the smiling queen, turned all smiles after Trunesh’s reassurance that she is staying, and already planning a world champion repeat. Nevertheless Trunesh did little to hide her disappointment when IAAF denied her the Best Athlete of the Year accolade in 2009 after her double gold medals in the 5000 & 10000 meter in Beijing. “I was sure to win IAAF’s World Best athlete of the year award after two long distance gold medals in a single Olympics. But it never happened” Trunesh remarked to journalists at the event. Many at home believe the queen deserves the accolade and stay wondering how the IAAF went wrong.