Doha-Dead on Habitual Arrival


When it comes to successful global conferences, Doha’s reputation is not all that impressive, paraphernalia aside. In 2001, fresh from the Seattle debacle, (WTO 1999) the majors, (OECD countries) decided to hold the next WTO Ministerial in Doha.

The strategy was to avoid the growing/determined global activists (instrumental in derailing the Seattle Ministerial) that were openly supporting the positions of the global poor, mostly those in Africa, Asia and South America against the lopsided trade regime of the prevailing world order. The Doha round (euphemistically called the ‘Doha Development Round’) started with a whole lot of fanfare, but didn’t manage to make headways. If truth be told, after Seattle, the whole institution of the WTO has been in tatters, exasperated by the recent global financial fiasco. Doha is one of the places where things can smoothly run aground without the help of activists. Once again if COP fails to deliver, then Doha will be on track to becoming the burial ground for major global conferences!
COP 18 (Conference Of Parties) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, met in Doha amidst clear and present danger to all humanity (November 26 – December 7.) 2012 set thousands of climate records across the globe. Just to mention the obvious, record breaking storms were registered and suffered, both in the western and eastern part of our globe. Severe drought interspersed with massive flooding became frequent. The arctic is splitting and melting at unprecedented rate. Only recently, a USA sized portion detached itself from the icy continent and started to drift/melt away. The global paid media (private/state) run by psychopaths/sociopaths didn’t find this earth shattering news worthy of reporting, while they continuously bombard us with a story of a particular young lady getting pregnant, just because she has a ridiculously exaggerated livelihood. Pathetic! The melting of ice on Greenland this past summer was so swift NASA scientists didn’t believe what they actually saw. At first they ascribed the phenomenon to some kind of technical glitch, like a malfunctioned computer or a shattered lens! All in all, the world has not been running short of environmental disasters. But all these evidence failed to convince the bozos (politicos) who still think they will be around to run the human show, when in actual fact there might not be humans left around to roughshod over them! See Hansen’s article next column.
The Kyoto Protocol, which has served as a guideline for future binding agreements, is now targeted for abrogation, by the very same states that originally signed it, i.e. the developed countries. Instead of building on it, some of these countries just want to have a new agreement that is not binding, which in effect means no agreement. This is essentially the position of the USA, which incidentally never ratified the Kyoto protocol. Others want developing countries to be included in the existing or succeeding Kyoto, since they claim situations have changed. Climatically speaking, they want the new major polluters; China, India, Brazil, etc to be included in Kyoto. Fair enough; but their incorporation must be fairly negotiated. Even in the unfortunate case of their non-incorporation, the traditional and historic polluters cannot just run away from their responsibilities. Threatening to withdraw from the only binding green house gas emission agreement between nation-states, is and cannot be, the way forward!
To ease the impact of the dramatically changing climate/environment on the less developed countries, funds were promised on a continuous basis for adaptation, mitigation, etc. In fact in Copenhagen, (COP 15) it was the promise of such readily available money that softened the African position, on which the faith of the whole global populous was precariously hanging on! As usual and to this day, there is literally no money on the table and situations are getting worse by the day. Given the fix developed countries find themselves in, it would be naïve to expect serious financial support from them any time soon. See the articles on page 44. What is to be done?
As we have been advocating since COP 15, the global beast (human mass) must take up matters on its own hand. Climate change is too important to be left to the politicos. Don’t forget the main agenda of the politicos is to get elected/reelected and is not necessarily to do what must be done. Such tasks require revolutionary leaders. Luckily, since COP 15, awareness at the level of the beast has increased dramatically. North Africa and the Middle East are in a revolutionary flux. The developed world of Europe and North America are simmering with palpable resentments. Resistance movements are in the process of organizing themselves for more effective struggle against the system that has gone haywire (Occupy movements, etc.) Today the modern world system cannot claim, even in principle that it is thoroughly pro-life! More and more, the preservation of life seems to be anathema to the day-to-day operation of the established global order, or as we affectionately call it, the ‘coal mine’!
The ‘coal mine’ has been suffering from chronic amnesia for a long while and as a result is incapable of identifying mere rights from blatant wrongs. It is time for the global populous to gear up, yet again, for another protracted struggle against psychopathic/sociopathic elites that are determined to get rid of lives, just because they want to pursue greedy temporal interests. The global beast must realize, unlike those psychopathic elites (stooped in knowledge, bureaucratic power, etc and run the global show) it is endowed with patience and perseverance. In the long run, we believe, it is these virtues that really matter. As a former president of the USA once put it:”Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” Calvin Coolidge. Good Day!