EEPCo secures fund for Aysha Wind Farm Project


The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) announced that preconditions are underway to commence the Aysha wind farm project in Somali regional State.

Miheret Debebe, CEO of the corporation, said that three weeks ago the European Investment Bank approved the finance for the Aysha Wind Farm I project, which will generate 100MW. “The project appraisal will commence in the near future,” he added. He also stated that the Chinese government has also shown interest to finance the other two projects on Aysha. According to Miheret the appraisal process has already commenced. “It is our choice to scale up the capacity of the project that actually has a huge potential,” the CEO added. Debre Birhan is one of the promising areas for wind power projects that shall be tackled in the coming years, according to Miheret. The project is expected to be financed by Ethiopian Diasporas and American financial firm. Aysha and Adama areas have the potential to generate thousands of MW from wind power said Miheret. Currently the feasibility study of Adama area starting from the Eteya area is being done. On the inaugural ceremony of Adama I Wind Farm Project, on Saturday December 1, Prime Minister Hialemariam Desalegn said that the government has plans to generate 2000MW from wind power. He said that the wind power potential of the country is about one million MW. “Based on the capacity we will develop the sector as the PM mentioned,” Miheret said. Adama I that generates 51MW is the first wind power project for the country.