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The results we get from what we do depend on the combination of three factors: Knowledge (I know), Skills (I can) and Desire (I want). For example, somebody who knows the traffic rules and regulations well, has learnt how to control and drive a car safely and wants to reach his destiny without accidents or a ticket will most likely be a good driver. If any of the three factors doesn’t measure up, the driving will be less than good and may even be very bad, depending on the degree and combination of the failing factors. Somebody who really wants to drive for example and knows how to control a car but never passed the theory exams will most probably continue making mistakes, thereby endangering himself and other road users. The same applies for anything we do, be it at home, as a hobby or at the workplace. And this is not limited to manual operations but applies to social-emotional behaviour as well. A manager for example who really wants to move his company forward but lacks the emotional intelligence and skills to motivate and encourage his workers will probably not succeed as much as he wanted.
For the manager this concept applies to both himself as well as the workers he is supervising. In other words for the manager to be a good manager he consistently needs to update and apply his management knowledge and skills and he needs to make sure that his workers’ knowledge and skills are up to date as well and that they are motivated to deliver good results. It is therefore important that a comprehensive Human Resources Management policy is in place which includes staff development as well incentives that motivate and encourage workers to deliver good results. If any of the three balloons in the diagram above are missing or don’t receive sufficient attention, results will go down. The secret therefore lies in the consistency in which all three factors are paid attention to by management. Consistency is a difficult characteristic though and with all the other issues managers have to pay attention to it is easy to relax on the HRM part of the job, thus gradually allowing results to go down. Ask yourself how much attention you pay to balancing the three factors. Mind you if you pay attention to all three factors but perhaps not enough, the balloons will deflate and results will also go down.
Another interesting concept relating to getting results is the SEE-DO-GET model. The way we see things, determines the way we do things and the results we will get. And as long as we see and do things in the same way we will get the same results. If we want different or better results, it therefore logically follows that we need to see and do things differently. Global travel only became reality after the world was seen as round as compared to flat. A paradigm shift (seeing things differently) is the motivation to try and do things differently and different results will be obtained.
Why, for example, are there still few women in top management positions as compared to men? There are more factors involved here but one could be that we still see women as less capable than men to manage a company. As long as we see women as less capable than men, recruitment will not focus on women candidates and women staff will not be given the same development opportunities than their male counterparts. As a result we still see women employed in stereotype female positions, like secretaries. 
The moment we accept though that women are equally capable of managing a company, our recruitment and staff development procedures may change and as result we may see more women managers.
Now think of somebody important to you (spouse, child, relative, friend, colleague, worker, supervisor, competitor.) and try and answer the following questions:
How do you see this person?
How do you treat this person?
What is the result of the way you treat this person? 
If you think that it is time for a change in your relationship with any of them answer the following:
How do you want to see this person?
How will you treat this person differently?
What different result do you want to get?